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I just finished doing a podcast where I was a guest on the Remodelers on the Rise show, and we talked briefly about what should happen on the first day of a project. So I  thought I would share some key points of this topic.

The questionnaireThe 1st Day Checklist

A checklist is very handy to have whenever you are going through a process. It becomes even more useful when you hand it off to other people so they follow the correct steps. And on the first day of a project, you don’t want anything to go wrong.

What Are They Thinking?

On the first day of a job you are being watched very closely. Your client is checking to see if they made a good investment. Although they may know the owner/designer/salesperson very well by now, on this day they are being introduced to a lot of new people. Should they trust them? Will they take good care of their home? Are they really as professional as the salesperson said they were gong to be?

All these questions are floating through their head. This is the day when they get a glimpse of whether they made the right choice. This day confirms that they made a good or bad investment.

Make your crew and trades aware of this. Paint a picture for your crew of how your client thinks. Teach them to be empathetic to your customers. If your staff and crews understand this, it will be one of the best customer services you can offer your clients.

What To Do On The 1st Day

Be professional. When a client sees you set up a project in a familiar logical sequence, their fears will quickly dissipate. Park in the right spots; place your job sign if they have agreed to having one in their front yard; set the porta-toilet in the designated spot; place your tool box; put down runners on the floor; bubble wrap newel posts and corners where cords might damage or mar the surface; install dust doors and dust walls.

Make Day One Count

In two hours you can be ready to start your demolition. By the end of the day you will have so much done you’ll look like a champion. By being organized and orderly, you can make the most of day one. Use the checklist below so that you don’t have to do any unnecessary running around on the first day. Order your porta-toilet and dumpster one week ahead and then update them 2 days before and again the day before the project is scheduled to begin. It’s hard for people to lie to you three times in a row.

You’ve already had your Pre-Construction Conference, so most questions are answered and the documents have been distributed to the relevant parties. You know what to do and where to place everything. All your client has to do is watch in awe.

Make your first day count. A good first day sets the stage for the rest of the job. A project that starts well has a very good chance of ending well.  Your client is at ease, and they can step aside with the confidence that you’ll carry out what you do best – and that’s remodel.

Download the 1st Day Checklist

If you are an Intermediate Member, click here to download the 1st Day Checklist template. Modify it to your heart’s content. Improve it on every job. If something is missing, put in on the list and redistribute the list. You’ll be amazed at how something this simple can save you hundreds of dollars.

Share with us how you use your checklist, and what you think should be included.

Wishing you the best of fortune, Randall

Randall S Soules
Remodeling coach, advisor, and educator


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