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Another week has whizzed by. When you are busy, the days just fly. The true measure of your week though, is what you accomplished that week. If you took the time to list all your major accomplishments this past week, would you be happy with the results? Did you close a major contract, finish a job on time and leave the client happy as a pig in mud, or learn something that will profoundly affect the future of your company? In truth, you do an incredible amount each week. Make a list, review it, and then congratulate yourself. You deserve a rewarding weekend!


Customer Service Checklist

This week’s topic is how you can improve your customer service. What can you do to make your already stellar customer service even better? How will you implement these changes? And finally, how will these new company policies affect your bottom line (and of course, your client’s satisfaction)?

  1. Listen carefully to their concerns.
    • Remember the 80/20 rule – listen 80% of the time, talk 20% of the time. 
  2. Always think positively, even when you are being blasted by an irate client. 
    • Don’t lose sight of the client’s request/desire/product/idea.
    • Show them that you are on their side, not their opponent. 
  3. Respond quickly to complaints.
    • Make a clear statement in your Presentation Book that you will respond to any complaints or requests in (X) amount of time.
    • Make every attempt to respond within a few hours – no more than 24 hours.
  4. Repair a noted item within (X) days.
    • State this in your Presentation Book and in your Warranty. 
    • Make every effort to repair or examine the item within 24 hours, then schedule the repair and notify your client of the timetable. 
  5. Ask your trades or subcontractors to respond to warranty work within (X) days. 
    • This should be clearly stated in each RFQ and Work Order. When they sign off on a WO, they are agreeing to your conditions. Although this should be also be stated in your Subcontractor Agreement, the WO reinforces this agreement and is distributed to the actual person doing the work in the field. 
  6. Send tips to your clients and email lists in your newsletter.
    • Inform them about seasonal maintenance, new products, new personnel, and new services.
  7. Serve refreshments when a client visits your office.
    • Have fresh coffee, water, juice, and sodas on hand. 
    • Always serve your refreshments in good glassware.
    • Serve items on a tray.
    • Provide coasters to protect your table/furniture. 


What improved customer service can mean to you

Here are some of the results that you can expect when you implement the suggestions above:

  1. Listen carefully to their concerns.
    • Being attentive gives anyone you are speaking with a feeling of importance; of having value; of mattering. Everyone wants to feel that they belong and make a difference. Listening, although the easiest thing to do, means more to someone than you speaking to them. Always keep in mind that you already know what you are going to say; but you may not know what someone else is going to say to you. Listen and learn.
  2. Always think positively, even when you are being blasted by an irate client.
    • Try never to be confrontational with others. Work towards a solution. When your client sees that you both have the same goal (to fix their problem) then the problem becomes more manageable, instead of escalating. 
  3. Respond quickly to complaints.
    • This is one of the most significant things you can do to improve customer service. If you put off making the call or responding quickly because you really don’t want to speak to them, the problem will snowball. A client who is ignored will quickly find more issues to add to the one in question. Be bold and answer them quickly. It is to your advantage. Take on the motto, “We eat problems for breakfast.”
  4. Repair a noted item within (X) days.
    • Once again, there is no sense in dragging this out. Get it off your plate quickly so you don’t use your valuable energy thinking about this lingering issue. 
  5. Ask your trades or subcontractors to respond to warranty work within (X) days.
    • Use only subcontractors and trades that will honor your warranty agreement, quickly, without question, and equally important, without hitting you up with an additional charge.
  6. Send tips to your clients and email lists in your newsletter.
    • Staying in touch with past clients and prospective clients keeps your sales pump primed. Reach out to your mailing list consistently. Stay away from asking for their business though. Give them useful information and establish yourself as the expert in your field. They won’t forget you when it’s time to start their next project.
  7. Serve refreshments when a client visits your office.
    • Even if your prospective clients or customers don’t accept your offer for refreshments, they’ll appreciate you asking. Keep in mind that many times, when you have visitors, they are coming from a distance, or they are coming during their lunch hour, or after a long day’s work. It is very likely they need refreshment or to use your restroom facilities. Make them welcome.
    • Even if you have furniture that you could care less about, offering your client a coaster implies that you will take equal care of their property. Subtle messages carry a lot of weight. Don’t overlook them. 


Sharing and growing

I hope these tips have helped add more value to your customer service. If you have tips and suggestions you’d like to add to this list, leave a comment or email me so we can share your knowledge with others.  Thanks. 

I’ll talk to you next week. 

Wishing you the best of fortune, Randall

Randall S Soules
Remodeling coach, adviser, and educator
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