Are you a shutterbug?

Did you take some great pictures last weekend? How about during the work week? Now, how do you plan to use them? I suppose your project pictures will go in your website portfolio. And your personal pictures will go to Flickr or Instagram. All well and good. But are there other ways you can use your photos to help grow your business, increase traffic to your website, and raise your website’s ranking? There sure is, and I’m going to show you how.

What is Pinterest

boost your remodeling business with PinterestPinterest is a social site. It is different from many other social sites, in that it is a visual discovery tool, where people share images with others. Each image is called a Pin and is attached to an album called a Board or Pinboard. Pins that interest other Pinterest viewers can be easily re-pinned to their own Boards. The original Pinned image is linked back to its origin. That is to say, if you place an original image from your photos into your Pinterest collections, someone can always click it and come back to your Pinterest page, which may in turn, lead them to your website. If the image comes from your website, such as from your portfolio, then the link goes directly back to your website.

“Just the stats, please.”

Before we go into the how-to’s of Pinterest, let’s review some of the stats of Pinterest. These may help you see how useful this site could be for your business.

  • 70 million people use Pinterest
  • Pinterest grew 6% from 2012-2013
  • Although only recently introduced, there are already over 500,000 business accounts as of July 2013
  • Pinterest gets 2.5 billion page views per month
  • The following are stats for the USA:
    • 21% of adults use Pinterest
    • 33% of those are female and 8% are male (think about who you really sell to)
    • 27% of Pinterest users make over $75,000 per year
    • 21% of Pinterest users make between $50,000 – $74,999 per year
    • 25% have been to college or beyond

Statistics by Pew Research Center

Why you should use Pinterest

Although Pinterest shouldn’t be considered a primary lead generator, it can be useful in many ways. It can increase the amount of traffic to your site, thus increasing your site’s ranking. It helps establish your brand. Many viewers would rather research your work on Pinterest than on your website. If you are really a great pinner, one or more of your images may rise to the top of the trends, giving you exponentially more exposure. It is also a place you can send a lead to check out your work. You can put a Pin It button on your web pages that allow your website visitors to easily share images they enjoy on your website. This has the potential to spread the link to your site in many places. And it shows that you are active on social sites, promoting your business in multiple ways.

How to set up Pinterest

The first thing to do is set up a Pinterest Business Account. It costs nothing to do this, yet gives you several tools that aren’t available to the personal accounts. (You can find more resources on this and other topics at the end of this article.) It’s very simple to do. The only geeky thing you have to do is verify your website in one of two ways: by inserting a file in the root of your website using FTP (or get your webmaster to do it) or by adding a  meta tag to the <head> section of the index.html file of your website before the <body> section. Again, this is easily done by your webmaster. Once you’re website is verified, you will have access to the analytics and other tools. You can see your site metrics, most re-pinned images, and most clicked. This will be very handy as you find out which images are the most popular, and pin more images of the same type onto your pinboard.

Another clear advantage of the Business Account are Rich Pins. Your pins now can have more detailed information than before. There are presently five types of Rich Pins.

  1. Place pins – where you can attach a location and a map to the pin
  2. Article pins – can include the article headline, story description, and author. All this helps pinners find your article in their searches.
  3. Product pins – show pictures of your products, the price, and a link to the product’s website.
  4. Recipe pins – show images of food and recipe preparations, along with food categories.
  5. Movie pins – show ratings and reviews of your favorite movies

By the way, if you have a personal account, you can easily convert it to a business account.

You are now an official Pinner

This should get you started using Pinterest. Put a bunch of pictures in. Be sure that the images are of high quality. After all, this is a site about great looking images. Make descriptive Board names – remember that all those words in the board name and the pin will add to their search value. For example you might name your kitchen board “Awesome Dream Kitchens” and then post a pin called “Modern kitchen in white laminate with detailed tile backsplash”. You’ll soon see that Pinterest is not only an effective marketing tool, it’s a lot of fun to use.

Don’t be too pushy with your product though. Or too spammy with your titles. And don’t forget the other guy. Re-pin interesting pins you come across. Follow boards or pinners and receive notice when they add new pictures.

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Additional resources:

Infographic of various social site’s stats

A Pinterest for Business Guide (PDF)

Steps to setup your Pinterest for Business account

A history of Pinterest

Wishing you the best of fortune, Randall

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