How to systematize your Remodeling Business so you can
have more free time and money to enjoy your life! 

Simple, effective processes that lead to less stress, greater profits, and a better life


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List of contracts and forms


  • New fillable Lead Sheet
  • Design Retainer Agreement
  • Summary Quote
  • Proposal/Contract
  • Notice to Right of Rescession
  • Purchase Order form
  • Request for Quote/Work Order form
  • Subcontractor Agreement
  • Pre-Construction Conference checklist
  • Pre-Construction Conference contract
  • Change Order contract
  • 1st Day checklist

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Processes are not optional – there are just good ones and bad ones;
written guidelines, or wasteful ones that everyone makes up on their own.” Randall S. Soules

Processes make every successful business more efficient and profitable. For a business owner they create the path to growth, to succession, and a successful retirement. Good processes allow virtually everyone more freedom on some level, but they especially help the owners and management run the business in the best way possible.

Scientific Remodeling System Sales Module

Sell with utter confidence

You want your prospective client to consistently say “Yes”. So you have to have a consistent sales process to get them to that point. Developing a sales process isn’t hard, and it is incredibly kind to your bottom line. Discover how to gain your prospective client’s trust, sell with ease, and at higher prices than you thought possible.

Follow the step-by-step procedures, phone scripts, and mindset advice, and find out how you can sell with utter confidence.

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Scientific Remodeling System Production Module

Stay in control of every project

The Production module is perhaps the most valuable of all. The Production phase has the most potential for things to go wrong. Managing your staff and trades is a monumental job. Keeping your clients content can be an even greater challenge. With proper Production processes, you’ll keep your clients happy from beginning to the end. You’ll be paid on time AND in full. Your trades will favor you over any other contractor, no matter how big they are or how small you are.

You will be firmly in control of the project from beginning to end. How much is all that worth to you?

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Scientific Remodeling System Marketing Module

Understand why people buy from you

Everyone who loves Marketing raise your hand. How many of you are concentrating on Marketing more than you are on Sales and Production? And you wonder why your sales funnel isn’t full?

We’ll dive into the human psyche in the Marketing module, exposing why people buy from you. You’ll also discover ways to market on a tight budget, how your website can be a super 24/7 sales machine, how to budget and track your marketing (including a Marketing Method Analysis spreadsheet), and some quick and easy steps showing you how to make the perfect elevator pitch.

Understanding what motivates people to buy will simplify your marketing strategies and make each year manageable and profitable.

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Testimonials Learn more

How using the Scientific Remodeling System changed his business:

I began to implement his system in my own business and ran a successful, much smoother remodeling business for many years using his methods.” D.H. – Hawke’s Home Improvement

A very happy SRS Premium Member who just discovered the recommended project management program: 

Where has this been all my life?   I’m just starting with it and still have some learning to do, but THIS MAY BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I’VE EVER SEEN!!! Thank you.  Thank you. 

Kevin Osteen of Osteen Construction wrote:

… it will be hard for you to go wrong if you keep in touch with Randall.  He is a tremendous asset and has probably forgotten more about building than I’ll ever know.

Joanne Tilghman of Tilghman Builders learns about the new audio format and says: 

“This is Great news….   I can’t wait to download them and start listening to them in the car. We need all the help we can get, and listening to your [lessons] over and over will help us immensely. Thank you so much, Joanne”

Feedback from a struggling SRS member:

Hi Randall ,

I’ve been meaning to send you an email. We’ve been moving forward and thanks to all your help, my husband and I feel we are going to succeed in this business.

Comments from a member about charging what they’re worth (Sales Module):

Thanks Randall,

This is great information. [Costs] we used to just absorb, because we were too nice and didn’t know how to give the cost to the customer. This gives my husband the confidence to ask for any additional expense…

Comment from a SRS member about analyzing their website (Session 10):

Just so happens we are redoing our website, so this section has been very helpful in putting it in place. Thanks for all this advice, it has been so beneficial and we can’t wait to start implementing it in our work.

Putting the lessons to good use:

I was able to read through the lessons and immediately apply what I had learned to my own business. In many cases, Randall’s Scientific Remodeling System showed me what I was doing wrong and how those mistakes were costing me money. K.O.

Implementing Getting Paid 100%:

“We have used the ‘Getting Paid 100% of the Time’ payment schedule on our last two sizable projects. Really like it. No problem getting a check each week from clients….really helps cash flow .” KSD and AJC – DunCora Construction Service

One of my many satisfied clients comments on the use of our process managed business:

… From that moment on I had the opportunity to observe coordination, the likes of which I have never seen.  Lumber and supplies arrived when they were supposed to. Carpenters came, electricians came, roofers came, and at the end, the painters came.  All arrived at the precise moment in which their services were required.

“Hammering the Point Home” really works:

I like your “Hammering The Point Home” points, because they are true and our time is valuable.  Great job and so far the most valuable session [Session 3] yet.”   H. B.

Another one of our happy customers:

The work was completed on a timely basis and within budget. His concern for his customers did not end when he received the last payment. He has continued to follow-up with us to make sure that we remain pleased with the quality of workmanship.”   P. and R. P.

Find out what the Scientific Remodeling System can do for your business.


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