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“The money is in the list.” Have you heard that before? It means that if you have a substantial email list, you can profit from it. This has been proven over and over again.Those with large email lists, are able to basically “dial up” money whenever they choose. I remember one such entrepreneur who had ten’s of thousands of subscribers on his list. His audience was interested in what he did, and trusted his opinion on whatever product he had for sale. One day his buddy came by, and the entrepreneur suggested they play golf.

Alas, his buddy did not have any clubs with him. So Mr. E tells him not to worry. He’ll just email his list and raise enough money to buy him a brand new set. After a few minutes of composing a sales page and promoting one of his products he was ready to send it out to his lists. He pressed “Send” and they sat down to enjoy some liquid refreshments. After 30 minutes he had already gotten $1200 of products sold. Needless to say, they had a very enjoyable afternoon of golf.

There are people with over a million names on their lists. They are the exception, yet more and more people are building these mega-lists. I’m not suggesting you do this, nor do you need a list anywhere near the size of these. But if you’ll get a list of just 100-500 people, you’ll have the ability to “dial-up” jobs whenever you need them. 

That’s what today’s topic is about – How do you build your email lists and increase the number of your leads and consequently, the amount of projects you sell. 

Here’s the basic outline of what I’m going to cover, starting from the very beginning, which is to have a website.

  • Create a website
  • Create content on your website
  • Develop several products/gifts/resources
  • Sign up for an autoresponder 
  • Create lists in your autoresponder 
  • Create an opt-in form
  • Install the opt-in form on your site
  • Create an autoresponder campaign

How to Grow Your Email List

Create a website – this seems pretty obvious, yet it is the first step. Most of you have your websites up and running. If you don’t, get to it. 

Create content on your website – Now that you have your website, start putting content on it. The obvious pages to put on your website are About Us, Your Services, Project Photos, and the all important, Contact Us button. All well and good so far. But these are static pages, i.e., they don’t change very much over time. For most, they won’t ever change (not a good idea, but unfortunately too true). Static pages are necessary,  but don’t add to your SEO ranking. For that you need images that are fresh with good ‘alternate text’ connected to each one. You need a blog with consistent, fresh, original content. Your blog is one of the most important things you can do to be seen on the web. Keywords are good, but can’t hold a candle to original content. Face the music. You are now a publisher. That’s today’s marketing.  

Develop several products/gifts/resources – Next, develop a few products or gifts you can give to a visitor to your site. You can offer several types of gifts if you like. Here are some suggestions as to resources you can give away in exchange for an email address. A great example of this can be seen at AV Architects + Builders site.

  • Resource suggestions:
    • How-to’s
    • Tips
    • Seasonal maintenance
    • Newsletters
    • Design tips
    • How to remodel kitchens/baths/attics/basements/etc. (whatever your specialty is)
    • New products that may be of interest and show your continuing education
    • Company news
    • Personal news – such as “I spent the last month in Acapulco.”
    • Client testimonials – a real winner
    • Photos of projects before/during/after – almost anyone will look at pictures
    • eBooks – one that you write would be the best, again showing you are not only an expert, but an author. This carries a lot of weight.

Sign up for an autoresponder – Time to choose an autoresponder service. I am presently using, and am fairly satisfied with them. I’ve tried Aweber too. Another one which I have my eye on when it comes time to move to another autoresponder is My buddy David Hawke of highly recommends it. 

Once you sign up for the autoresponder service of your choice, you need to create some lists, such as Clients, Leads, Newsletters, General Subscribers, etc. These will help you define the interests of your subscribers. Clients will get different emails than Leads, right? Make as many lists as you see fit. They are simple to make.

Next you need to make an opt-in form. Your autoresponder service will show you how to do this. When you have one of your opt-in forms ready, tie it to a resource or gift. For instance if you are offering your subscriber a newsletter, make sure that once they give you their name and email, they have access to the product you promised. 

Install the opt-in form on your site – If you aren’t your own webmaster, just copy and paste the code you got when you made the opt-in form and give it to your webmaster. A good place to put the button for the opt-in form is in your sidebar on the right side of your page. It could also be incorporated into your header, or be placed in a banner under your header. Wherever you put it, make if prominent. Collecting email addresses is a priority. 

Create an autoresponder campaign – an autoresponder campaign is a series of emails that are going to be sent out automatically, at specified times, that will establish you as an expert, keep you in touch with your subscriber, and offer occasional products and/or services. You only have to set up an autoresponder campaign one time. From then on, it will happen automatically.

The first letter should be a Welcome letter. It should be set up to go out immediately, i.e., as soon as they sign up. Don’t waste the Welcome letter. Too many people just say, “Thank you for subscribing,” and that’s it. This person just made a major decision to give you their email. They are in a willing mood, and will very likely take another step at this time. You could thank them for subscribing, let them know what to expect from your future mailings, and then ask them to Like you on your Facebook page. Or you could offer a free estimate, and give them your contact information. Whatever you do, make a call to action in your Welcome letter.

Decide on what you want to accomplish in this email campaign. Write your copy carefully so that you can create desire and curiosity in your subscriber. Most of the time you want them to become a real lead, so you’ll have the opportunity to sell them your services. 

Decide on the sequence you plan to use. What will you send them next? How long should you wait? How often should you send them emails? If you use an autoresponder like GetResponse, make a variety of different messages. Then, depending on what they click on in the email, they will receive other relevant emails from your campaign.

You might send the second email at 3 days out, then the next 7 days later, then the next 7 days later, then the next 30 days later, etc. You will have to study and analyze your email campaign to see what works best for you. Most autoresponders have bountiful resources to help you make the most of your email campaigns; after all, the more successful you are, the more subscribers you’ll have, and the more money they make. 

Got it?

That’s a brief outline of how to start growing your email list. I know you are very busy, and have way too much on your to-do list, but I suggest you bump this one up towards the top of your list. The sooner you grow your email list, the sooner you’ll have more control over your marketing and lead generation. Autoresponders are great tools, although they only do what you tell them to do. They are not a magic bullet, so don’t treat them that way. If you want to truly succeed in this endeavor you have to pay close attention to your campaigns and the reports they generate for you. Study these reports, modify your campaign as needed, and create your own  “On Demand” project machine. 

Wishing you the best of fortune, Randall

This article was written by Randall Soules, remodeling coach, adviser, educator, and creator of the Scientific Remodeling System, showing you better ways to advance your business, raise your profits, and improve your life, through the use of superior remodeling processes. If you would like to discover better ways to run your business, click here. He also provides his uniquely customized one-on-one coaching to a select group of contractors. Feel free to contact Randall at

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