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On Part 2 of the Trello Series, I’m going to show you how to set up a personal to-do Board. (Free Members of can copy this board at>Downloads>Forms & Contracts>Trello for Free Members.) This is no ordinary to-do list. It’s going to help you track daily tasks, someday tasks, your big goals, and what you’ve completed. Let’s dive in.

This is a Board called My Tasks

It has some default Lists – To Do, Doing, and Done. Let’s start to personalize this so that it works optimally for you.

Now let’s start renaming the Board and making new Lists

Rename the board to something meaningful to you. Click on the previous Board name “My Tasks” and change to “My Opportunities“. Click Rename. I chose this name because all our tasks, each day, are opportunities. This is a good way to keep that thought in front of you. Remember the structure – Organization (Personal) > Board (My Opportunities) > Lists (Board topics) > Cards (tasks and details). Let’s rename the Board.

The first list contains your life goals

I’m going to call this List Mt. Everest. I like this name for several reasons. It is the tallest mountain in the world. You can “see” everything from up there. You get a good perspective of the world as a whole (or your life as a whole). David Allen of Getting Things Done often refers to altitude as a metaphor. For instance, he describes viewing your Purpose from 50,000 feet, your Vision from 40,000 feet, your Goals from 30,000 feet (Mt. Everest comes close – 29,029 feet above sea level), your Areas of Focus from 20,000 feet, and your Projects from 10,000 feet. Using this method you get a good perspective of what you are doing, and where you are going. So Mt. Everest – The List – is where you set your major goals in life.

I see that I’ve completed Trello Part 1…

so I’ll drag it over to the Done List.

Rename the next List

I’ll call this Today’s Opportunities. This is essentially the list of tasks I plan to complete today.

Continue to name your Lists

After Today’s Opportunities make a List called Inbox. This, like your email Inbox, is where you can dump anything you think of. You’ll sort it out later into the appropriate List. Next is This Week’s opportunities, where you place items you plan to work on this week. Someday is where you put items you plan to do someday but you don’t know when.

And these Lists will complete the Board

After Someday, add Waiting on others (a task that is dependent on someone else’s actions), I DID IT! (where you drag all the tasks you complete that day), and finally, I DID IT THIS WEEK! (where you drag all your completed daily tasks). This last List is something I added recently. It is very important. If you’ve ever read, Getting Things Done, by David Allen, you know that it is essential to review everything you’ve accomplished during the week. Do this every Friday. I think you’ll be surprised how much you accomplish each week. More on this later.

I just noticed that the privacy setting on this Board is Org Visible

Since this is a Board for me alone, I want to make it Private. I have other Boards in my Personal Organization such as my Wife and I where I would leave the setting at Org Visible – visible to anyone whose a member of that organization.

Click on Private

Now the Board is only visible to those who are invited.

Add some of your life goals and main focus points

Think about these as you add them to this list. Make them broad topics/goals. This is not about HOW you are going to do something. Rather it is something that is important to you.

Add Labels to the Cards

Click on the Pencil in the card to edit Labels.

Click on Edit Labels


If you have a lot of Labels you can search for them here by typing the title of the label.

Click the Pencil beside a color. This opens a editing window so you can name your labels.

Add a title to each color

This is great way to see which tasks are which. In this case, I’m naming a color for each item in my Mt. Everest List.

You can go ahead and add as many as you want in this same view.

When you are done, click inside the label to add that particular label to this Card. You can add multiple labels to once card. Then click Save.

Adding one more high altitude card and labelling it Work related


So far this is what the Board looks like

Everything I’m showing you is completely optional, i.e., make it your own. That’s the beauty of Trello. Once you understand the concept, you can do a lot more with it.

I’ll add a Work Related and Write label to my Today’s Opportunities


Another way to access Labels, Members, and the Position on the List

When you click the Add a card… you’ll see a down arrow in a circle. This will show you a triple menu that allows you to add more details to the card. Members lets you assign this card to a member, Labels lets you assign a label to the card you are creating, and Position lets you choose the position of this card on the list, e.g., Top, #3, etc. Of course you can drag it to the position after you create the card. You can do all this later if you like. This is just another way to carry out theses actions.

Here’s an example of a new card with a new label color

Click the Add a card… and then the circled drop-down arrow.

Click on Create a new label

We are going to add a new label to our choices.

Choose the new color for the label

Click the Pink label and type a name for it. I’ll call it My Home. Click Create.

Do a brain dump into Inbox

Think of things you need to do and enter them quickly into your Inbox. Add labels to all the items you have on Cards so far.

Inbox Zero time…

Simply drag items from your Inbox to the appropriate Lists. If the List is off the page, just drag the card against the edge of the page and the page will move to the right or left. Drop it onto the List of your choice.

Prioritize your cards and get to work.

Drag cards up and down on your Lists to assign them a greater or lesser priority. Start completing each task.

My I DID IT! List

As I complete each task I drag it to my I DID IT! list. Wow, what a day. In the morning I’ll look over what I did yesterday and move new items onto my Today’s Opportunities List. Make sure you do this each day. Spend 15-30 minutes going over your lists.

A new day…

After reviewing and congratulating myself on a great day’s work, I drag all the cards on I DID IT! List to my I DID IT THIS WEEK! List. Each day I’ll do this till the week is done. On Friday I’ll review what I did this week.

To move all the cards on List, here’s a shortcut

Click the circled arrow by the name of the List and choose Move all Cards in the List. You’ll be presented with a choice of all your Lists. Click on one and all the cards on the List move to the new List.

At the end of the week…

Click on the circle down arrow by the name of the List – in this case, I DID IT THIS WEEK!, and choose Archive all cards on this list…

A warning window opens to make sure you want to archive all.

Click Archive All and they will disappear from the List. But they aren’t gone. They are merely archived.

Click on the Show menu on the upper right side of the window…

Choose Archived Items to see all the archived items.

This is the Archive view

You can search for archived items using the search bar. You can search for a word in the card or see all the cards with a particular label, such as Work Related by typing in Work in the search box. This is a good way to see a particular group of items you have archived. You can also send a card back to the board it came from or delete it from here.

There’s a lot more to come.


This should get you started. Part 1 showed you how to set up a basic project, and this part showed you how to set up your personal to-do list. Trello gets more and more fun as you get used to it, learn shortcuts, and figure new ways to use it. I ran across one person who used it to plan a 7-day trip, making each list on the board a day of the week. Then she filled each list with maps, itineraries, images, reservations, places to see, etc. And shared it with her boyfriend. Pretty much up to your imagination.

Make different boards, experiment, use your imagination. Have fun. I’ll talk to you soon. Randall


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