Rough-In Phase Trello Board

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Rough-In Phase Trello Board


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In the Trello Project Management System, each project is an Organization in Trello. This allows you to compartmentalize the information you need to manage your projects. I’ll be showing you how to use each of the typical boards within the Organization (henceforth called project).

In this video you’ll discover how to use the Rough-in Phase board of the Trello Project Management System.

In the previous Trello article, you discovered how to use the Hand-off to Production board, gathering all the contracts, plans, permits, and products that need to be ordered and scheduled. 

Each project will have 6 boards in it:

  1. Design Phase
  2. Hand-off to Production
  3. Rough-in Phase
  4. Trim-out Phase
  5. Wrap-up Phase
  6. Post-Project Phase

Trello-post-image 7This board called the Rough-in Phase Board gets into the meat of the production process. Work orders are gathered and scheduled, checklists are completed, and the Work Orders and tasks move down the board to the Completed Rough-in Items list. When all WO’s are complete, they are moved to the next board, the Trim-out Phase board.

Most of the boards, which I will be sharing with Intermediate and Premium Members, will have actual contract forms and checklist links, such as Design Retainer Agreements, a fillable PDF Lead Sheet, Proposal contract, Pre-Construction Conference form, Pre-Construction Conference contract, Subcontractor Agreements, Request for Quotes forms, Work Order forms, Purchase Orders, etc. In all fairness, most of these will only be available to Premium Members. The cool part of this is that the forms and contracts are actually linked on the cards themselves, so you’ll always have access to a fresh copy for your own use.

Premium Members can copy this board. Click here if you are a Premium Member. 

If you are not already a Premium Member, do yourself and your company a big favor and join SRS today as a Premium Member. The advantages far outweigh the cost of the membership. Plus it’s risk-free. The value you’ll receive is priceless.



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