A Riddle

Here’s a riddle for you: Three frogs were sunning on a large lily pad in the middle of a blue lake. One decided to jump into the water. How many frogs were left on the lily pad?

Did you say two? Sorry, that’s wrong. It’s three. One only decided to jump. He didn’t actually jump. 

Many of us decide to do something, or try to do something. That’s not the same as doing something. Actually, you can’t try to do anything. Get rid of that word. You can only do or not do. And that’s what this week’s Wrap-up is about.

The Final and Most Rewarding Step – Implementation

Goal attainment is an easy 3-step process – Imagine, Plan, and Implement. And implementing is where most of us stumble and fall. We can all think up bright ideas, a few people can actually plan those ideas, and an even smaller number will actually carry out those plans. Yet that’s the only way to reach your goals. If you are one of those few, you are among the most successful people on earth. 

There is an easy way to implement your plans. Nothing complicated about it at all. It’s as simple as putting one step in front of the other. The longest journey begins with one step, then another, then thousands more, until the destination is reached. The most luxurious homes in the world begin with just a few stakes driven in the ground showing the basic footprint of the home. Skyscrapers begin with clearing some brush off the lot. But look at the final result. Each project had a goal. Each began as an idea. They were carefully planned. And then they were worked on relentlessly and consistently until they became the very rewarding final product. 

Remember Earl Nightingale’s statement that, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” The key word at this point is ‘progressive’. The consistency of your steps towards your goal, no matter how small the steps, will lead to the attainment of your goal. It is inevitable. If you consistently work towards what you want every day, doing something that carries you towards your goal, you will reach it. 

The Big 3

There are three ingredients you need to reach your goals

  • Clarity 
  • Consistency
  • Persistence

And clarity is the leader in this mix. Without clarity you can’t get anywhere worthwhile. Think about your career, your relationships, your health. Think about the goals you’ve already reached. I can guarantee you, without even knowing you, that the ones that are thriving are the ones you are, or were, most clear about; the ones that you worked on consistently; the ones you cared about the most.

I can’t emphasize the word ‘clarity’ enough. Working towards your goals without clarity is like leaving cement out of your mortar mix. It just doesn’t work. When you become clear on what you want, it becomes much easier to get it. You know where you are going and have a true desire to see the end result. I’ve met too many people who truly want to accomplish something, yet are not clear about what they want. And it shows. Day after day, year after year, they continue to wish for this or that, yet can’t clearly visualize what they want. And when they do, they immediately see positive results. 

“My goal is to make my remodeling company into a design-then-build firm”

That’s a goal many remodelers have. Many of them put the words on their website. They tell people they are a design-then-build remodeler. Yet many aren’t selling very many designs. They continue to do smaller jobs or less profitable jobs. Why is that? Could it be that they missed Steps 2 and 3? Maybe so. Let’s go over Steps 2 and 3 and see if we can help them attain their goal. 

The Plan

The goal: Become a true design-then-build remodeling company

The plan:

  • Research how a successful design-then-build company operates (learn from successful people – don’t go it alone)
  • Decide on the launch date for this venture (be specific)
  • Research design – learn all you can about good design
  • Research who will do the design – are you going to learn CAD and do the designs yourself, or are you going to hire a residential designer, or create a good relationship with one or two architects and hand the designs over to them?
  • What will your charge for the design work – will you charge hourly or a lump sum price?
  • How will the client pay for the design? Everything up front, half down and the rest upon completion, or pay in full at the end of the design?
  • Who owns the design? Will you release the design to them to bid out to other contractors? Will you retain the design in your possession till a construction contract is signed? Will you charge more if you release the design to them?
  • Create a Design Retainer Agreement contract. Study other DRA’s and gather the best parts for yours.
  • Create a concise design process from beginning to end. 
  • Publicize the process on your website.
  • Market your design process.
  • Announce that you now provide design to your existing clients and leads.
  • Make a public announcement in the paper, interviews, your podcast, radio, and/or TV.
  • Sell designs, not projects. 

That’s the basic plan.


The basic plan is an outline of how you will reach this goal. 

  • Detail the outline, adding more specifics to each item. 
  • Next, turn the outline into a task list. 
  • Prioritize the task list. 
  • Take each item and complete it, then move on to the next. 

One step at a time. Get help from other people. Ask opinions, but stick to your guns. You know what you want. This is your goal, not theirs. Don’t be overly influenced by others. Don’t let them talk you out of it. Use the three ingredients for success – clarity, consistency, and persistence – and you’ll get there. 

Bon Voyage!

I hope you’ve gotten something out of this short series on setting and attaining goals. Goal setting is how we accomplish things in our life. They create our legacy. They lead to success. Not setting goals and being unclear about what you want leads to uncertainty and disappointment. 

You can do anything you want in life. Just take the first step and follow through. You’ll get there. And each goal you reach will be a stepping stone to your inevitable next goal. 

Before I finish this writing, I have to mention a goal that you should not overlook, and that’s your health and diet. Make this your first goal. Without health you won’t be able to do much of anything. With good health you will have the energy and stamina to get whatever you want out of life. Make wise choices about what you eat and how much you exercise. Each choice you make is a step forward or backward, so make them wisely and consistently. Here’s to your health. 

Wishing you the best of fortune, Randall

This article was written by Randall Soules, remodeling coach, adviser, educator, and creator of the Scientific Remodeling System, showing you better ways to advance your business, raise your profits, and improve your life, through the use of superior remodeling processes. If you would like to discover better ways to run your business, click here. He also provides his uniquely customized one-on-one coaching to a select group of contractors. Feel free to contact Randall at Randall@scientificremodelingsystem.com.

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