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Available to Premium and Intermediate+ Members

Scientific Remodeling System

List of Contracts & Forms for Premium and Intermediate+ Members


NEW! – Lead Sheet:  A Fillable Lead Sheet to capture your Prospective Client’s information.

NEW! – Design Retainer Agreement:  A generic Design Retainer Agreement contract for remodelers in docx format.This is a restrictive Design Retainer Agreement in that it states that you will not give out the drawings without a signed construction agreement.  You are free to modify as you see fit.

REVISED! – Summary Quote form:  Generic Summary Quote form for remodelers in docx format. Use the Summary Quote when you are close to making a sale, yet don’t want to create or expose a full blown scope of work. This can be a great time saver when you are not absolutely sure of the sale. See Module 1 of the SRS lessons for more details.

NEW! – Proposal form:  Generic Proposal contract for remodelers in docx format. This Proposal has served me well for many years. You are free to modify as you see fit.

NEW! – Notice to Right of Rescission:  Generic Notice to Right of Rescission form for remodelers in docx format. Please read the Cover Sheet for additional tips on why you may need to use this form in all your contracts.

NEW! – Purchase Order form:  Generic Purchase Order form for remodelers in docx format. You use this form initially as a Purchase Order Request (POR) and then, when you accept and sign it, return the PO to the vendor authorizing purchase and delivery.

NEW! – Request for Quote/Work Order form:  Generic Request for Quote/Work Order form for remodelers in docx format. This is a dual purpose form. Use it initially to request a quote from your trades, then, if you accept the quote, authorize it with your signature and change it to a Work Order.

REVISED! – Subcontractor Agreement:  Generic Subcontractor Agreement for remodelers in docx format. Please read this document carefully before using it. Make sure that all the rules of conduct, policies, and schedules apply to your business.

REVISED! – Pre-construction Conference checklist:  Generic Pre-Construction Conference Checklist for remodelers in docx and PDF format.

NEW! – Pre-Construction Conference contract:  Generic Pre-Construction Conference contract for remodelers in docx format. You are free to modify as you see fit.

NEW! – Change Order contract:  Generic Change Order contract for remodelers in docx format. You are free to modify as you see fit.

REVISED! – 1st Day Checklist:  Generic 1st Day Checklist for remodelers in docx format. You are free to modify as you see fit.

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