Nature Is Always 100% Successful

I think I first heard this phrase in a personal development program. At first it didn’t seem to mean much, but as I thought about it more and more I began to see how this simple sentence was loaded with far-reaching implications.

A couple caveats to bear in mind as you read this. 1. This won’t be the last time you hear this mentioned. 2. I’m being a bit philosophical, so if this isn’t something you enjoy, now’s the time to tune out.

Lightning flash 150x150The Universal Laws

So what does this mean? – Nature is always 100% successful. Basically it means that nature, being without emotion, goals or ego, follows the laws of the universe. Water seeks its own level. If you drop something it falls to the ground. Varying temperatures react to become the same (cold + hot become warm). The weather reacts to thousands of variables and creates rain, storms, sunny days, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Nature never fails because it has no pre-set goal it has to achieve. It does what it does, and the outcome is always perfect – it cannot be any other way.

How can this knowledge or realization help you?

Surely you should have goals and you should show emotions. Going with the flow, as I call it, isn’t a great way to put your business plan together or something to write into your mission statement. What would your clients think if they read, “Our mission is to go with the flow on each job, reacting to events as they occur”?

The times when I find value in this statement is when disagreeable things occur in life. Several weeks ago I wrote to you about having a blowout on my car. I could have reacted with anger and beat my head against the steering wheel and asked why did this happen to me, especially now. Or I could say that everything is perfect. Perfect because it happened and there was no way for me to change the fact that it occurred. The rational recourse was to fix the tire and move on.

Accept The Present Moment

It is hard to adopt this mentality, for anyone. It’s hard to drop a beautiful glass bowl on a tile floor and shatter it to a million pieces and say that the occurrence was perfect. (I warned you this was a bit philosophical.) Yet you can see the futility of trying to change what just happened. It’s done, accept it, and move on in the best way possible.

Another way to look at this comes to mind from a statement by Sam Carpenter, author of Working the System. I’ll paraphrase it because I don’t remember his exact words. He said that everything that happens in our lives, happens because we made choices and put those choices into action. He goes on to say that life is very predictable – we set up certain systems or processes in our lives and the future is predictably the outcome of those processes.

Plan | Choose | Act | Accept

Maybe you too can start to find value in this simple statement. It can help you accept the inevitable present moment, remind you to create better processes, make wiser choices with predictable outcomes, and create the best possible future for your life. You’ll be less resentful about the past and have a solid reason to plan a better future. Don’t waste your precious energy on events in the past. Instead plan, choose, act upon, and accept the outcome.

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Wishing you the best of fortune, Randall

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