Does it serve you?

What is negativity? Is it good or bad? Does it serve us, i.e., does it add or detract from our lives? Should we avoid negativity and negative people? What does negativity do to your business and your life? That’s the topic of this week’s Wrap-up. 

Here are two definitions of Negativity:

  1. Expressing, containing, or consisting of a negation, refusal, or denial
  2. Lacking positive or constructive features

For now, let’s concentrate on the second definition – “lacking positive or constructive features.

Gloom and doom

We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.”  ~Ben Sweetland

Change your attitude and attain your goalsHave you ever been to a meeting where one person seemed determined to bring the group down? They talk about how nobody will hire them, how everyone is undercutting their bids, how their clients are determined not to let him make a profit. In their eyes the whole world is against them. In addition to being a downer, they are actually sapping energy away from everyone else around them. Their negative views leave very little space for anything positive to shine through.

What’s bad vs. what’s good

Some companies are openly negative. They tend to promote themselves by speaking out against contractors who are working under the radar; contractors who have no license or have little or no insurance. While I agree that these “contractors” are not good for the business, and I can see why one might want to educate their prospective clients about unscrupulous companies, I firmly believe that promoting a positive image supersedes putting other people down.

Promote what you love

It is far better to promote what you love, rather than what you hate. Paranoia and negativity will not serve you well. Show people your passion for your business, rather than what you dislike about other people’s businesses. Battling the bad rarely defeats it. I’m reminded of two quotes to keep in mind when you start to view the world in a negative way:

What you resist, persists.” ~C. G. Jung


I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.” ~Mother Teresa

These are short but powerful statements that speak out against resistance, and urge us to harmonize with our world, rather than to battle against everything we don’t like. 

The company you keep

Add your positive energy to the world. You can overcome negativity with joy and optimism. Shine your light on everyone you meet. Make this your full time  job. I guarantee you’ll have more energy and energize everyone around you. When doom and gloom come around, banish them. Don’t let negative people steal your energy. Be picky about who you allow into your life. Stay away from negative people. Your energy is more precious than you may realize, and it is in limited supply. Use it wisely. Be happy!

Recommended reading

I’ve got a book I’d like you to read. It’s by James Altucher. James is a bit outspoken – actually he’s very outspoken – but he has some very good things to say. It’s called “Choose Yourself!: Be happy, make millions, live the dream”. The title speaks for itself. James explains the shift in his life as he decided to choose himself, and become a positive force in the world. You can get it as an audiobook too if you want to listen to it as you drive or workout. He’s been through a lot of up’s and down’s, and he’s a bit rough around the edges at times, but I think you’ll find something useful in his intriguing story. 

Wishing you the best of fortune, Randall

Randall S Soules

Remodeling coach, adviser, and educator

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