Why People Hesitate

What makes you hesitate to do something? Why do you sometimes procrastinate? Sometimes you may not want to return what might be an unpleasant call to a client. Or you may hesitate to “pull the trigger” on a major business decision. Or you might be delaying firing someone who is not a good team member. 


The UnknownWhy People Hesitate

All of  the above have one thing in common: you don’t know the ultimate outcome. You aren’t sure what will happen if you take action. They all contain the unknown.

Let’s get a little more familiar with the unknown (now there’s an oxymoron). How does the unknown affect you and your business? What part does it play in closing or not closing deals? And how you can remove the unknown and greatly improve your closing ratios.


Exposing your prospective client to the light

You’ve heard me go on and on about setting expectations so that your processes will flow smoothly. Part of setting expectations is explaining and educating your prospective client. As you explain each detail to them, a layer of unknown is removed. They begin to see the light. The more they learn, the more likely they are to say, “Yes”. On the other hand, the more unanswered questions they have, the more likely it is that they will hesitate to sign a contract with you. 

Don’t think for a minute that they will ask the right questions to edify themselves about your services. That is not their job, nor do they know what to ask you. You are invited as an expert, and you have to live up to that status.


How to remove the unknowns

Here are some of the ways to remove the unknown.

  • Have a clear and well-written script to prompt you as you receive the initial phone call and fill out your lead sheet. 
  • Use a presentation book (see Weekly Wrap-Up – Using a Presentation Book). The purpose of the presentation book is to answer questions. Provide proof. Reveal contracts they will soon encounter. Remove surprises. 
  • Have a well informed staff. Hold weekly meetings and teach them your processes, even if the processes are not necessarily directly relevant to their specific duties. Empower your staff with knowledge. 
  • Have a website that quickly exposes the answers to the most important questions. One of the most important questions you should ask yourself is whether your website is quickly answering your viewer’s questions. Why did they come to your site? If you specialize in room additions, make it obvious that this is your specialty. If you also offer other services, don’t make them hunt around to find them. More than likely they won’t go to the trouble. I always ask remodelers whether their prospective clients came to see how long they’ve be in business, or to look at pretty pictures. Eventually, yes, they will seek those out. But the first thing they want is to see is if you offer the service(s) that they are seeking. 
  • Add an FAQ to your website. I rarely see this tab on contractors websites. And yet it can be one of the best sales tools on your site. What better way to remove the unknowns. You’ve been asked hundreds of common questions for many years. Collect the most frequent and useful ones and make an FAQ for your website. I was recently editing a first draft of FAQ’s for one of my clients, and I pointed him to several sites that had superior FAQ formats. I’ll list some of the examples below. If there is one take-away from this article, make it this one. FAQ’s are easy to set up and will return your investment handsomely.


“Unknowns Block Decisions”

Keep this saying in the forefront as you prepare a sales call, design your website, write a flyer, or teach your staff. I’m pretty sure you’ll begin to see the truth in this simple maxim. Removing unknowns will benefit every area of your life. Seek answers to what you don’t know and you’ll make better informed decisions, and you’ll be able to react with speed and agility. Keep your clients informed with frequent communications. Let them know that you are willing and able to take care of their needs. Let there be no unanswered questions.



I hope you’ve enjoyed these thoughts. Next week I expect to see a slew of remodeling websites that answer their guest’s questions and have an obvious FAQ tab.

Examples of great FAQ pages and how-to articles:

Wishing you the best of fortune, Randall

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