I’ve been fascinated with technology and robots all my life. Now it seems they may be building our homes. Sound like science fiction? We’ll it’s a lot closer than you think. I’ve put together a series of videos and articles to get you up to speed. Start with the Primer (a TED talk) and then move down the page into the meat of the matter – mainly how houses of the near-future may be built.

Building a home in a dayAs with all technology, much of it will fall by the wayside. Some technology is just a stepping stone to something that will be useful and have longevity. The point is not necessarily to readily adopt a new technology, it’s rather to just be aware of it, and plug this knowledge into your life and business decisions based on these possibilities

Let’s start with a Primer on 3D printing – what it is and what it can mean to our future. Here’s a great video by Lisa Harouni. 

Now that you have a good idea what 3D printing is, let’s move on to homebuilding with a 3D printer. That’s right. Using the same 3 dimensional manufacturing techniques, when you super-size it, you can build large objects. The Chinese have already built a printer that could print out an automobile, cabinets, and machine parts.

 (You can learn more about 3D house printing and see additional videos on RemodelerBiz.com)

Here’s some additional information about Dr Behrokh Khoshnevis’ research.

Do you think this will ever happen? What will it mean to remodelers? How will it affect homebuilders? How will it affect the construction labor force? Let us know with your comment below. 

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