Seeing farther than your nose

Stop Unenforceable regulations Shoot! I didn’t come to a full stop at the stop sign again. I looked around. No problem. No one saw me. At least no one who mattered. 

Oops, 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. Once again, no one around who cared.

A quick text to a friend. Got away with that too. 

Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about this. Seems like everyone runs stop signs, and speeds, and reads text messages while driving. 

Thinking long term

All of these things are against the law, yet for the most part, they are never enforced. Why? Because when the laws were passed they didn’t account for the amount of man power and court time it would take to strictly enforce the laws. The laws were passed with good intent, and they are wise and useful laws. Yet they cannot be enforced properly. 

How many things do you plan that don’t take into account the cost and/or enforcement of that plan? Take for instance, if you buy a nice big home and you spend every last dime on it, did you take into account the cost of maintaining that home? Or if you bought a luxury car such as a Lexus or BMW, did you take into account how much more they charge for parts and labor?

Cost of ownership

As we get into larger plans, it become even more important that we can account for the long term cost and implementation of the plan. Developing a piece of land has a finite cost, yet there are additional costs down the road, such as road maintenance or infrastructure repairs. 

If you are planning to build a row of condos, you must look at the long term cost of ownership. Will you turn all maintenance over to the condo association, or do you have a plan to maintain it yourself? How will you fund the future work? 

All of these are good plans if, and only if, they have good long term plans that are feasible and can be implemented. Without the long term planning, the purchase or project may fail.

The point is this – if you are going to make plans for your business, make sure that you can enforce and support those plans. Inspired ideas are great, yet sometimes you need to step back and assess whether your plans are feasible or not. How much will it cost? How will I deliver this plan? Who will enforce the plan?

Useless regulations

For instance, you could lay down the law to your subcontractors and ask them to adhere to seemingly unreasonable requests, at least in their minds. If you are not going to force them to adhere to these rules, i.e., if you aren’t willing to let them go and find someone else, what’s the use in making the rule in the first place. An unenforced regulation just weakens your position. Once they see a weakness in your “suit of armor” they will test your other regulations. It’s just human nature. 

Personal benefits

I hope this reminds you that it pays to plan, short term and long term, both in business and in your personal life. Take a few steps back and assess whether what you are doing right now (short term) will be beneficial in the long term. This includes personal habits, as well as eating habits, and activity habits. Look a little farther than the horizon and choose good plans. If it’s a bad plan in the long run, reject it and concentrate your efforts on plans that you can enforce and will have long term benefits. 

Wishing you the best of fortune, Randall

Randall S Soules

Remodeling coach, adviser, and educator

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