Good Friday afternoon (and to those on the other side of the world – Good Saturday morning),

This has been a great week, full of information and opportunities. One of those opportunities is the chance to touch base with the members of Scientific Remodeling System and give you a wrap-up of the week with useful tips, news, and random interesting happenings.

Shout Out To New Members

 First I’d like to give a shout out to new members E Mckee, Daniel Baumann of Chief Experts, E Molloy, and F Medina of California. Welcome aboard!

A New Podcast – Coming in February 2014

This week I made a decision to start a new podcast called Remodeling Business Blueprint Podcast. You’ll hear interviews of other successful contractors, trades, vendors and other interesting people that will benefit your business. I’ll also review and inform you about some of the latest technologies and how to use them to boost your profits. My co-host will be David Hawke of Hawke Remodeling. Stay tuned.

As a lead-in to the podcast I am starting to add audio to most of my posts on, such as How to Become a Genius and an Excerpt from Session 3 of S.R.S. I hope this will give my readers a variety of ways to read/listen to articles that interest them. Your comments and suggestions are encouraged, as this is still in the beta stage.

A Glimpse Into The Future

I just finished Abundance by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. It is an amazing book and I highly recommend that everyone read it. It’s not about making money, but about where the world is headed and how we can improve the lives of all of us as we move forward at an exponential rate. Here’s a fairly unknown link to get the book for free (pay postage only). I could spend a long time talking about this book but your time is limited. Suffice to say that your mind is going to be a lot more aware of what is going on in the background – things that 99.9999% of the planet haven’t a clue about.

Bonus for the week

Tip for the week: Stitcher is an easy way to listen to your favorite podcasts on your iPhone, Android, or desktop (and they all stay in sync). Once you start listening and learning this way, you won’t stop. More info is added each day, and all you have to do is listen and learn.

That’s all for now. I wish each of you every success as you learn and implement new processes in your business.

Wishing you the best of fortune, Randall

Randall S Soules
Remodeling coach, adviser, and educator
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