The Written Word

Pencils, crayons, sticks, nails, pens, styli, typewriters, and text editors. Paper, coloring books, sand, plywood, phones, computers, and tablets (stone and electronic). What we write with and on. We write and store our words, our children’s pictures, our essays, speeches and presentations. And some write journals. 

your daily journalThe Dawn of Civilization

When did man become more civilized? When he began to write – to record his and her world and the events that occurred during their lives. We enjoy looking back and re-living past events. Sometimes we look back because we need a more accurate record. Sometimes we review because we need proof. 

The question of the day is – “Why should you write a daily journal?” Here’s a partial list of personal and professional reasons:

Personal Journals

To record your day

To set a benchmark

To gauge your progress towards a goal

To review each week/month/year as a reminder of how much you have accomplished

To vent your emotions 

To record your mood that day

To keep a record/history of your life

To write your memoirs

To pass down to your children and grand children

To capture a fleeting thought or moment

To think through an idea

To help you focus

To gain understanding

To help you solve problems

To improve your health

To congratulate yourself

Professional Journals

To keep track of your accomplishments

To provide a record of a job or project

To benchmark your professional goals

To record who you met 

To record what you did that day

To record the weather and job conditions

To record who was on the job or project that day

To record an issue

To record time you spend on …

To record a tragedy

To record a victory

To record an accomplishment

To share a project’s records

To record verbal instructions

To further analyze issues with clients, subs, and vendors

To record a timeline event(s)

To record subcontractor and employee activities/performance/issues

To record use of equipment

To keep your boss or employees informed

Carpe Diem

In other words, a journal is your personal or professional diary. A place where you capture your day before you forget what happened, or worse, remember what happened incorrectly. It can be a few words, or be quite detailed. It depends on your needs and aspirations. There is no need to make your journal complicated or difficult. That will only give you the justification you need to not write in your journal. 

Just Do It!

Many famous people had journals. Walt Whitman, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, and William Hurst. They wrote on whatever medium they could. Their tools were sparse, yet they recorded incredible histories of their lives. Walt Whitman, although known mostly as a poet (Leaves of Grass), was a very good builder. He built many homes in Brooklyn, NY for himself, his family, and clients. His notes in his notebooks are concise records of his costs, and who he used to build. He also kept copious notes about his personal life which gave us insights into his career and lifestyle that we would have never known about otherwise. 

You, on the other hand, have many tools and an abundance of mediums on which to write your journal. A small pocket notebook such as William Hurst used, your phone or tablet, a legal pad, or your laptop. The important part is to just do it. Choose a medium/tool and get started. On a personal level, a journal will help you grow as a person. Professionally, you are much more likely to achieve your career goals if you keep a daily journal. You will reduce your liabilities and will have a bona fide record and history of your company, and more importantly, your life.

You’ll Be Smiling Inside

That’s a lot of lofty thoughts, I know. The objective of this article is to get you started doing something that will ultimately help you in numerous ways. Each day you fill out your journal you will feel good about yourself. There is nothing quite like looking back at past entries and recalling where you were at that particular point in time. Writing things down may seem like an onerous task, yet when you do it, you will be smiling inside. 

Bonus for the week

Each week I like to leave you with something of value. This week I am going to share one of my journal templates, which I use in Evernote. If you aren’t already using this incredible app, click here to get your free copy. It is soooo useful. Over time you’ll know what I mean. For now though, just sign up then click below to get this very easy to use daily journal template that you can fill out each day in a matter of minutes. And in Evernote you can always find what you’ve stored. That’s the magic of it. 

Here’s the link to the template. All the instructions on how to use it are included in the template. Edit the template any way you like; personalize it. Then save it as your template. I think you’ll enjoy its simplicity.

I hope you enjoy writing in the journal of your choice – and have a wonderful weekend!

Wishing you the best of fortune, Randall

Randall S Soules
Remodeling coach, adviser, and educator

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