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Welcome to another end of the week. Maybe by now you’ve gotten back in the swing of things. The holidays have a way of getting you way off track, and it’s surprisingly hard to gain momentum again. The more habitual your routines are, the easier it is to get going again. 


iPhoneThe New iPhone

This week’s Wrap-up will show you some handy tips for the iPhone using the latest operating system, the iOS7. You may have had your phone a long time, yet not know all of the little secrets it holds. My apologies to those who aren’t iPhone users. 

For years I used an Android phone, and was pretty happy with it until all the apps on the phones required an extraordinary amount of processing power. Before that I was a Palm phone user which was slow from the get-go.

A few months ago I got the new iPhone 5s, and have been enjoying it ever since. There are not a lot of instructions with an iPhone, or any phone now for that matter, so you have to learn a little at a time. It seems each day someone shows me a new trick that the iPhone can perform. So I thought I’d share a few with you now.


8 Handy Tips for Your iPhone

1. Compass app – iPhones come with a built-in app in their operating system called Compass. It is amazingly accurate and easy to read. There is a little known secret about the compass though. If you swipe left on the screen, an inclinometer will appear. An inclinometer will read the angle of your phone in three dimensions. You can lay it on it’s back, bottom or side and read the exact angle of the phone. This is extremely handy when you are in the attic and want to check the pitch of the roof, or on the roof, or want to see how out of level someone’s floor is. And it’s always with you. 

2. Reading on your iPhone – Phone screens are small, and I was constantly having to spread my fingers on the screen and pan around to read the text. Then I learned that you can double tap on most things you want to read and they will fill the screen, sometimes excluding the annoying sidebar. Double tap it again to return to a normal view. This works in portrait or landscape mode. 

3. Keeping it quiet – Tired of hearing your phone vibrate in the middle of the night. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and set the Schedule button to On (green). Now set the times you would like not to be disturbed, e.g., 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. Have a good night. 

4. Screen capture – There are apps to perform screen captures of your phone screen, but there is actually one that is built into the operating system. When you are on a screen you want to remember or want a photo of, hold down your Sleep/Wake button on the top of the phone, and the Home button on the face of your phone near the bottom, and you’ll hear a camera shutter and the photo will appear in your camera roll.

5. Time your music – Here’s a rather unknown tip I just learned. I play a lot of music and podcasts using earbuds and over AirPlay. Well, there is a way to turn the music off by using the built-in Timer app. Start the music you want to play, whether it is Pandora, Spotify, or the Music on your phone. Then go to your Timer app, which you’ll find inside the Clock app. Touch on Clock > Timer and set how long you’d like the music to play. Under the time setting you’ll see “When Timer Ends”. Touch this and you’ll get a list of ringtones that will sound when the timer goes off. But at the bottom of the list is “Stop Playing”. Select this, then start your timer. When the timer ends, the music will stop. 

6. Insert photos or videos in your emails -Here’s a neat tip on how to insert a photo or video in your emails. When you are composing an email, get to the point where you want to insert a photo or video. Hold your finger down and the Select | Select All | Copy/Paste ribbon will appear. At the end of the ribbon is an arrow. Tap the arrow and you’ll get a new menu – Quote Level and Insert Photo or Video. Touch Insert Photo or Video, choose the photo or video that you want to put in the email, and it will appear in the email. Now you can really share your stuff even when emailing from your phone.

7. Closing apps on your iPhone -The iPhone cannot open simultaneous windows like your desktop computers. Instead it runs open apps in the background so they will open quickly. Every app you open, therefore, is running the background and this can eat into your memory and processing speed. Here’s how to shut them down. Double tap your Home button on the lower face of your phone and you’ll see a long list of apps that are open. Swipe from side to side to see more. You have two options on this screen. You can tap on an app to open it, or you can swipe up and the app disappears, i.e., you closed it. Just keep doing them with as many as you want to close. Don’t worry. They’ll open up just about as fast when you go back to them. Do this periodically.  

8. Three ways to open your camera app -This probably is well known, but worth mentioning. There are 3 ways to get to you camera. When you first wake your phone you’ll see your wallpaper on the first screen. Down on the bottom right is a camera icon. Swipe the icon up half the screen and the camera opens – without having to enter pass codes. Very convenient. The second way is to swipe up from the bottom of any screen and you’ll see the camera icon on the lower right on your Control Center screen. And the last way is the most obvious. Touch the Camera app icon on your screen. 


Share Your Tips

I hope you like these tips. The handiest ones for me are getting to the camera fast, and the inclinometer in the Compass app. Let me know how you like these tips and share some of yours with the readers in the comments below. 


Have a Good One

I’ll talk to you next Friday. Have a super weekend and week. 

Wishing you the best of fortune, Randall

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