First Things First

There’s some new things in store for you. One is that I’ve started a new Blog on (keyword here is ‘started’). You’ll see the new ‘Blog’ tab on the menu. This is a place I can place timely information and rant and rave a bit. I think it will be very beneficial. Read the first post. 

Secondly, I’ve put a whole new series of TeamworkPM video tutorials under the Video > Project Management tab on the site. These are important to watch and learn, especially the Intermediate series. There are some little known features and methods you should use, especially when collaborating with your clients on the site. It is all too easy to show them things they shouldn’t see. I’ll be adding more periodically. Right now they are open to the public but only for a limited time, then it will be for members only. 


Wise Choices Are In

Now that I’ve got that out of the way – Welcome to another wonderful new year. What’s in store this year for you and your business? Hopefully some wonderful things. And all of those opportunities and benefits will be yours because you made and are going to make wise decisions. 


Be a writerBe a Writer

One wise decision would be to start writing in a journal – every day. Have you ever looked at something you wrote many years ago? It is really quite remarkable. You read about things you have completely forgotten about, or you relive some occasion in your past. 

You wouldn’t be able to do this, if not for taking the time to write it down in the first place. 


Tracking Your Projects

Job journals or job logs are another wise commitment you can make in this new year. They shouldn’t even be an option, yet many remodelers don’t log what happens on the job each day. Most of the time, noting those past events won’t matter much, but when they do matter, they matter in a big way, such as in a dispute or in litigation. 


Writing Tools

Make this the year that you start or improve your record keeping, both personal and in your business. Writing down the activities, issues, and people you meet will have a profound affect on your life and business. 

Some of you are already using the Evernote Daily Gratitude and Achievement Journal template that I shared. It’s a quick way to write down what went on during your day. You can fill it out in 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes a day and you’re done. Date stamp it and title it properly and you can find it easily, years from now. 

As for job logging, one very good option is to use Notebooks in TeamworkPM. This keeps the log attached to the project, and only those with the proper permission setting can see, write, or edit it. It’s a simple, effective way to track the events on a job. Make this a “Must Do” item this year. Don’t make it an option. 


The Easy Way

You can find video tutorials on keeping a Notebook in TeamworkPM under the Video > Project Management tab on

And for those who haven’t grabbed the Daily Gratitude and Achievement Journal template, which comes with complete instructions how to use it, here’s a link to the template.

Wishing you the best of fortune, Randall

Randall S Soules
Remodeling coach, adviser, and educator

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