Recently I had the privilege of meeting face-to-face with Premium Member Jim Lex of Better Homes & Remodeling in Atlanta. We had a very lively discussion about remodeling, business, and life in general. During our conversation Jim asked that I go into more detail about presentation books. He asked me to take some photos of an actual book and explain how it’s laid out. 


Presentation Book CoverSetting up a presentation book

A Presentation Book is similar to a website in that it should answer a viewer’s questions. At a sales call you’re pretty sure what their questions are – Are you the right person to build our project and how much will it cost?

What you want to tell them is a little bit about your qualifications, but mostly what they can expect during the sales process, the design process, and the production process. To accomplish this I suggest that the opening page of your presentation book shows your company name, logo, tagline, and your specialties. That is really all you need to show them about you. 

Next show them your licenses and insurance certificates.

Follow that up with a copy of a sample contract, change order, and other legal documents that you usually include in your contracts.

In the final page of the Presentation Book show them testimonial letters, awards, and certifications. 


Using a Presentation Book

There is an art to using a Presentation Book. There are times when you should definitely use it, and others where it will actually be detrimental to your sales call. Some prospective clients want to to know everything they can learn about you. They want you to spare no details. They basically are pre-sold, and want you to reinforce their decision. This type of prospective client is ideal for using a Presentation Book.

You can sense when some prospective clients, who may be very self-absorbed and impatient, won’t take kindly to sitting down and handing the control of the sales meeting over to you. They want to get right down to business and show you the project. As I mentioned in Session 1 and 2 of the Scientific Remodeling System, set the agenda for the sales call before you arrive. Let them know what to expect during the initial consultation, and repeat it to them upon arrival.

Repeat customers definitely don’t need to hear it again. Unless you have some important changes to your overall procedures, it’s not necessary to use the book again. If you have made some major changes, such as changing a document or maybe your payment schedule (Session 8), make sure that they are aware of the changes. 



In my early years of selling, I used the Presentation Book religiously. Showing our prospective clients the Presentation Book was mandated in our sales process. Overall we met with very good success. In later years it became more of an option.

Nevertheless, it was vital that the prospective client know about and understand the information in the Presentation Book.

When I sensed that a prospective client might be resistant to going over this information, I would leave it on the kitchen table or coffee table, explain to them what it was, and ask them to look it over as I made some initial measurements and took some photos of their space. Upon returning, they were almost invariably looking at it or discussing it, at which point I would avail myself to explaining a few of the finer points in the book. 



If you aren’t using a Presentation Book yet, look into making one and seeing how it affects your sales. If you are, let us know what you put in it, how you use it, and how effective it is. Using a Presentation Book will set you apart from your competition, improve your image, and make you look like a true professional. Most importantly, it will make you a remarkable company. 

Good luck on your next sales call.  You’re going to see a big difference in your closing ratio.


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