Teamwork Projects Tutorial 1

Video Tutorials Part 1

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Teamwork Projects Tutorial 1

Before you get started with these tutorials, use this link to get a free trial of Teamwork Projects. Get used to it. Run through these tutorials. I believe that you’ll soon see what an indispensable tool Teamwork Projects is.

These tutorials start out with the very basic steps you should follow to set up the program. They are short videos that take you step-by-step through the procedure.

Step 1. Create Project


Step 2. Enter the companies you do business with and the people in those companies, in that order.


Step 3. Assign a role to those people, i.e., assign the role of supervisor, or owner, or plumber, or lumber supplier, etc.

Step 4. Enter the milestones in the project. Milestones are points in time with zero duration. Basically they are benchmarks – dates by which you hope to accomplish or begin a set of tasks. Write these out on paper before entering them into the program. Put a date beside each one and who will be responsible for making sure the tasks within that milestone are accomplished.


Step 5. Set up task lists and tasks. Every task must be connected to a task list, even if it is just a single task. First create the task list, then the tasks within that task list. Tie the Task List to a Milestone. For example, the task might be to frame the interior walls, and the task list might be Framing, and the task list is tied to the Milestone called Framing Begins.


Step 6. Shifting a date in Milestones – schedules rarely are perfect. Many time they must shifted due to a rain or material delay, or labor shortage. Instead of re-writing the whole schedule over, all you have to do is change the date on the Milestone in question and everything else shifts with it.


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